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What does your office say about you?

What does your office say about you?

You may not have considered how your office space influences others, but the choice of desk configuration and furniture sends a message to people - whether they are fellow colleagues that you engage with at work - whether in your own retail premises and clients visit you or within an office block with other companies sharing premises, you are giving an first impression to the people that see you sitting there working!

Ensure you are encouraging maximum engagement and sending the impression to fellow employees, your employer and your customers with these 5 top tips: 1. Quality over quantity

First impressions are everything!

De-clutter! Get rid of those awful pedestals and invest in some storage such as lockers or floating shelves. If you have an old tatty office chair with ripped seating pad, messy work space with papers in disarray, then it could influence the perception of others you engage with, and have a detrimental impact to how they think about the quality of your work or services. Investing in good quality office furniture will show your customers you have a professional attitude to business and reassures them that you take pride in your business and hold attention to detail.

2. Be bold, Add Colour

Don’t be afraid to inject some colour into your working environment.

Royal Blue and neutral colours can offer a sophisticated take on the usual oak veneer desk and black fabric chair options we are tired of seeing. Colours will provide an insight into your personality, keeping customers interested and engaged.

3. Add a little something

A little personal touch around the office makes a real difference and welcomes people.

Some framed stylish prints of a city, landscape, modern art will show there is more to you and your business. You may have a hobby or a family and chose to showcase some pieces of art work on the walls. It can help to build a better relationship with your customers if you offer this insight into life outside of the office, building on a stronger business relationship.

4. Stay Focused

A little insight into who you are as an individual is always an ice breaker, perhaps a cute picture of the children on a frame sitting on the desk is an option, or that most favourite place you like to visit every summer, to help get you through a grey and wet day. We all love a family photograph however keep the family albums at home!

5. Keep it Clean!

Cluttered or desks covered in papers, crumbs or coffee stains will not reflect well on your business.

Try to make the effort each day to keep a tidy desk policy, it will help you prioritise what you need to do each day and make you become more organised. Invest wisely in your office environment and you will reap the rewards both personally and professionally. Starting with a new office chair…. have a browse! are the online shop for London Road Office Furniture.

We have been in business for over 12 years and can offer you advice and answer any questions you may have about you need for a new Office Desk Chair.

MyChairs deliver to anywhere within the UK and Europe. For more information feel free to call us on 07957 554 375 or email us through

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