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rh logic 400 with headrest The balanced rocking movement has three main benefits: Continuous support of the seat and back whether leaning back whilst relaxing or sitting forward to address the keyboard, increased blood circulation to the lower limbs to reduce fatigue caused by static posture and an adjustable lumbar pump. Note : Product comes with headrest as shown The tilt mechanism is infinitely adjustable, with a smooth action that can be locked in any chosen position. Dynamic seating means the chair follows your every movement regardless of working position providing complete support, enabling you to always sit correctly and breathe properly.

RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair With Headrest. 2 button versions


    -RH 400 STANDARD

    - Height Adjustable arms
    - Width Adjustable arms
    - Rotating arm pads (new style)
    - Height Adjustable back
    - Pump up lumber support
    - Sliding Seat
    - Standard gas
    - Fabric Back
    - Recline and adjustable angle of seat
    - Button on side
    - 5 star spider base

  • We offer a no fuss 14 day guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your new chair. We only charge for the orignal postage and return postage. As this is a very large Item we arrange our own carrier to collect and return to us.

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