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Humanscale different world mesh task chair

In black fabric with mesh back

Very light weight. Great ergonomic task chairs

I’m good condition .


Height adjustable

Height adjustable arms

Sliding seat

Recline (but doesn’t lock off)

No humanscale chair does as they believe in power of movement


Combining seamless design with amazing performance, The Humanscale Diffrient World chair will provide you with the ultimate tool to sit through hours at work without feeling any pain or discomfort! The chair embraces a minimal-yet-functional design which helps it to deliver much more for much less.

The innovative tri-panel mesh backrest will offer you completely personalized support, meaning the chair will adapt to your body shape and size, not the other way around! This customisable design will also allow the chair to cut back on unnecessary buttons and levers which will confuse new users. With the Humanscale World Chair, your sitting experience will be much more streamlined and easier to enjoy!

The Humanscale World Chair is also designed to be extremely lightweight. When you sit on the chair, it will feel as if you were sitting on plain air, completely free of weight which might slow you down. The designers have also taken away the hard edge at the front of the chair to let you experience a seamless sitting experience without obstacles. This design also helps to remove excess pressure on your knees, increasing your comfort level

Humanscale Different World Mesh Task Chair

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